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River Flows In You (English Lyrics Version) Yiruma feat. Anne Manda

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  • ARTIST: Yiruma ft. Anne Manda
  • SONG: River Flows In You (English Lyrics)
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Artist: Taru (타루)
Song: The Strawberry That Fell in Love (사랑에 빠진 딸기)
Album: Single “
The Strawberry That Fell in Love (사랑에 빠진 딸기)”

This song is not only extremely adorable but also talks about a feeling that we all experience at some point: “It’s real this time.” Regardless of everything, falling in love really is a beautiful feeling. This cute song by Taru perfectly displays the butterfly emotions of a ‘strawberry’ when it falls in love.

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  • ARTIST: Taru (타루)
  • SONG: The Strawberry That Fell in Love (사랑에 빠진 딸기)
  • ALBUM: Single "The Strawberry That Fell in Love (사랑에 빠진 딸기)"
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Artist: Sweet Revenge (스윗리벤지)
Song: Melo (멜로)
Album: Single ” Melo (멜로)”

And who said cute and rock couldn’t go together? Sweet Revenge, a four-member female band, says otherwise with this awesome track. The vocalist, Kim So Young (김소영; Jane’s Korean name haha), has a voice that can be compared to Morrie but rocks her guitar like any other band. She’s got Kim Mi Jeong (김미정) on guitar, Lee Hwa Yeon (이화연) on bass, and Jang Hyun Ah (장현아) on drums to complete this set.

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  • ARTIST: Sweet Revenge (스윗리벤지)
  • SONG: Melo (멜로)
  • ALBUM: Single " Melo (멜로)"
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“Eid is not for the one with beautiful clothes & fine means of transport, Eid is for the one whose sins are forgiven.” — Ibn Rajab.

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[ProductiveRamadan Online Tips]: Episode 26 – One Last Push

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See carefully, decide carefully. Too many facts lie before our eyes. Open your eyes!

I see humans but not humanity, how can we call it fake when it’s very clear? Tell me!
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Israel use illegal white phosphorus in Gaza to burn innocent civilians, yet they’re still not considered terrorists…

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#palestine #savepalestine for #humanrights